Learn about me.


Well I’m a young and ambitious person who likes both sides of design and development.

Currently open for freelance work.

The reason for this is I love to be involved in the design process and then be able to make whatever it is that I need. Being able to do this then also means I can tweak the design along the way – plus in the ideation phase I’ll know what’s possible and how to execute what is needed.


I taught my self from the start how to use different languages and software - slowly building up my portfolio and quality of work.

I’m always keen to learn new things and get stuck into any project I can.


Originally from the Bracknell in England but I’m currently attending the University of Portsmouth so I’m down on the coast for now.

Studying Digital Media - University of Portsmouth

If you like what you see or are just interested in what I’m doing then don’t be afraid to send me a message!