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Haydn Comley


Spider World Wrestling

January 2018

Made this fun little thing in 2 days from scratch for The Jimquisition contest. Im actually quite supprised it wasn't all trash and came together well as a WWE Wrestling / Spider Game.. Some models from Online / Others from my bud Jordan Latter.

Through The Shadows

July 2017

In this game for the PC you need to sneak through the levels in order to complete your objective. It's like my dream-child mix of the games Hotline Miami and Gunpoint. I also created a level editor to help me and others to produce new and interesting levels for it. I never finished it and it has some bugs, but overall it's still quite enjoyable. It's also the first game I used a custom music piece.

Scrollable Web Paralax

April 2017

This was a test to see how I could present work in a different, more interesting fashion with a paralaxing effect as you scroll. All content of that page including photography, graphics and code is original work.

Smashy Arena

November 2016

Smash, thrash and beat-up your opponents in this fun, arcade style game! Fight up to 4 players on a single device, as you get into chaotic mayhem with you and your pals crouched round a single screen. I never released this game but might end up doing so in the future.

Western Wildcard 2.0

August 2016

I went back for round two of this open world game and fell even shorter. I lost motivation on this really quickly (not sure why) and then never went back to it. It's got some cool features like physically based weapons that show on your character, and also attatchments with a Crysis style equiping menu.

Beatup Brawl

June 2016

I realised there wasn't much in the way of a PC Smash Brothers stlye games. I deciced I was going to try and fill that gap. This game was never finshed becuase I had other projects I wanted to do, but It still helped me learn about networking & 2D animations.

Multi-Player Top Down Shooter

May 2016

A shooter game that is top down. Its fully multi-player (not sure if it still works today) and spawns you with a random assortment of gadgets from pistols to tazers, sheilds to rifles. It was super fun to make and me and my friends played multple rounds trying to either plant or defuse the bomb!

Hard Shell Sleeper

Febuary 2016

This was a Windows program and Android App combo that allowed me to connect via TCP/IP my phone to my computer. I could then do tasks such as Sleep, Log-Off, Shutdown and also send myself a screenshot of the current display. I orignally made this so I could see if projects I was making had been rendered or compiled and then sleep my computer while being away from it.


January 2016

My first attempt at a real game for the computer. Its a puzzle game with no tutorials or any help. The player simply needs to pick up clues from the open environment they are in and try to get as far as they can. I never finished this but had loads of fun creating it for me and my friends to play.

Western Wildcard

December 2015

An attempt at an open world, online multiplayer game. It was all going really nice and smoothly untill a HDD failure which corrupted the project and couldn't be recovered. Also the movement got messed up somehow in the project, so it's basically unplayable now :(

Cops - The Game

October 2015

This was a fun project me and my friends worked on. I started this after playing Firewatch and wanting to make my own story-based single player game. I created a dialogue system with multiple responses that could read from an XML file making it quite diverse in the situations and uses it could have.


September 2015

This is one of the second apps I tried to make. This is when I was trying to get into 3D modeling for the first time so wanted to incorporate it into the app. Due to bad optimisation and overall not being a great game I moved on from this and didn't pursue it any futher.


August 2015

This was the first app that I ever tried to make. It has a simple concept and if I wasn't so new into the coding scene I could have probably made this into something worth while. I personally think I ruined the gameplay with trying to incorporate micro-transactions and should of kept it simple.

Project FPS

June 2015

The first ever project I made in Unity. This is what got me into programming and I remember loving every moment making it and testing with friends. I managed to find the old files and strip out the login system (as the web side no longer exists.). This means you can jump in and explore levels I made and what I managed to do in one of my first years programming.